How to, Books for Enamelist

How to enamel, is a good question. We see this question everyday on FB. But few take the time to read. Here, below, you can find lots of answers on How To Enamel from experts! To really learn it takes time, and practice, and making mistakes. If you are interested in being a great enamelist.
 Enamels Enameling Enamelist by Glenice L. Matthews   
#1 Enameling Book

Enamels Enameling Enamelists

This is a great book that covers all forms of enameling to get you started. Simple for the beginner. This is where I started while living in Hawaii I had an opportunity to learn enameling. There were no classes or workshops available so this book was my door!

Art Enamelling on Metals by H.H. Gunynghame  ***  My Favorite. This was published in 1906 to share enameling artist experiences.But recently I found this, wow a republished in 2010

listed on Amazon Theory-Practice-Art-Enamelling-Upon-Metal 

Enamel Books 1906

Art Enamelling on Metal


Next is a hard read but if you really enjoy metalsmithing this book will help you understand what is going on when you are soldering and forming metal. 

                             Working in Precious Metals by Ernest Smith

                                              A fun read! The Treaties of Benvenuto Cellini on Goldsmithing and Sculpture.


The Treatises of Cellini on         Goldsmithing


                                  And surely you have marked every page in this amazing jewelers book!


Oppi Untracht’s Jewelry Concepts and Techniques



Gillie Byrom’s Book Technique of Painting in Enamels.A great detailed book on painting enamels techniques. I use painting enameling in my work but not to this extent. A lot of great information from a Master

The Art of Champleve by Phil Barnes is a wonderful book. Well written, simple, clearly explaining the art that he and his father mastered. Read more here

Light Up Your Watercolors by Linda Stevens Moyer      Great Book to learn more about color.

Get yourself a set of Winsor Newton Travel Watercolors, A block of watercolor paper that is Hot Pressed and a #3 Sable brush.

The travel kit of colors has 10 – 12 colors, all you need to start designing your enameled project. A block of watercolor paper is just that. The stack of paper has edges that are glued together because when it gets wet in normal conditions of painting with water the paper would warp, and it prevents that. Hot press is more likely to warp but it is a smoother paper than cold pressed. Great for a small painting of detail. And I find a #3 sable brush is a good size to get the job done .

Radiant Oils: Glazing Techniques for Paintings that Glow by Arleta Pech              

Her demos are great for an enamelist. Another wonderful book I came across this year. Bring new life to your paintings using transparent glazing. Step by step and layer by layer, this book will show you how to use this classic approach to infuse your work with radiant color, exquisite texture and a breathtaking sense of light.

“Colored Pencil Fast Techniques” by Bet Borgeson.

“Color Drawing Workshop by Bet Borgeson.

Metalwork & Enameling by Herbert Maryon


 Enameling on Metal, by Louis-Elie Millenet 1927

The Treaties of Benvenuto Cellini On Goldsmithing and Sculpture   Great read! A little slow as it is in Old English but very interesting. And yes even Michelangelo had 8 ft carvings crack in the middle of his creation and had to discard.

These last three were not written in my lifetime. But we sure have had plenty. These are interesting for me as you get a chance to read how our Masters worked with enamels.

Thompson Enamel Workbook

If you really want to understand vitreous enamels, the expansion rates, what enamels match what metals and much much more, that the time to get the workbook from Thompson and read away. I know we live in an immediate gratification world but if you are serious about enameling build a strong foundation and research your materials.