“One on One” Enameling Classes by Patsy Croft

Cloisonne Enameling

Classes of Enamels and  Enameling with Beautiful Colors!

 Have you ever found yourself needing a little help as a professional? But your schedule is tight, and it is hard to get away for a week or weekend enameling or jewelry workshop? I have customized enameling and metalsmithing classes just for you.

I have been in this situation and as an instructor, this has given me the opportunity to offer daily or weekly private tutoring, to meet your needs, year-round, from my studio in Orange Beach Al.

Each students enameling classes are designed just for them. Any technique I know I will share with you.

Spring Flowers Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry

    Feel free to contact me at patsy@alohilanidesigns.com

Why wait, come and perfect your art NOW and make jewels like these.

For more information: Contact me directly Call (205) 478-9977 Email me: patsy@alohilanidesigns.com

Enameling Classes offered: Cloisonne Enameling, Plique a jour, Champleve, Fusion of high karat metals, Goldsmithing, Granulation and Stone setting.            

Testimonials: Check out my reviews

Karen and I worked side-by-side for four days on our own pieces, and Karen completed a pendant for her brother, a master diver. She worked from an image of a diver riding a giant manta ray A difficult piece for a young enamellist, and made a beautiful jewel! “When I came home I couldn’t sleep for the first three nights, my head was spinning,” says Karen. “There were so many things I wanted to do.” Karen is currently planning another session to learn Patsy’s fusion technique, to help her create double-sided pieces. Students appreciate Patsy’s openness, unlike so many art teachers who, fearful of losing business, are apt to limit the knowledge they share, Karen says. “Patsy is not afraid to give out her secrets.” Patsy agrees. “We as a group can grow faster this way, and bring our art to a different level.”

Ileana Rojas of Costa Rica had always wanted to learn cloisonne. After seeing Patsy’s work she decided to go for it. She took a one-on-one class during the summer of 2008 at Patsy’s studio. “Cloisonné is a difficult art,” says Ileana. “You need an instructor like Patsy if you want to learn right. The only surprise was how much I learned with her.” But even with the best training, Patsy acknowledges that everyone, at one time or another, gets stuck. “When you’re designing and can’t get it to work, you have to put it down,” she says. “I have learned not to push it, as it just gets worse. I put it down, walk away. Then when something clicks, I can get back to it. And the fun begins. It’s like life,” Patsy says. “It is difficult, laborious, challenging, rewarding and beautiful. Enjoy it.”   “Wonderful class, far exceeded my expectations, learned more this week than I have in the past two years.” “Excellent instruction. You handle varied skill levels easily. The class was encouraging and motivational.” “Patsy did a marvelous job. I’ll be back in the near future, what a treat!” “Patsy is exceptional, she is a joy to work with, full of enthusiasm, very understanding and helpful. Her skills are extraordinary and reflect the professionalism of her work.” “Patsy is an awesome teacher. a true example of patience. Her work is superior. She is totally willing to share knowledge, supplies, and energy.” “Outstanding teacher. I came with a specific purpose and was opened to a world of possibilities.” “This was a fabulous class, Patsy is more than a great instructor, her personality, kindness, and desire to help made me relax and be more successful with the difficulty of the projects.” “I found Patsy to be one of the most genuine and generous teachers that I have ever met.  She makes you feel like you can do anything. And is willing to help you do anything. She genuinely loves enamels and precious metals. I have also taken classes at her studio and she designed them around what it was that I wanted to learn.  She gave me direction on my artwork and got excited about an idea I had and helped me figure that out and even call me to see how it was coming (Yes Patsy I am working on it) If you get the opportunity to take a class with Patsy do so.  But just be prepared to be tired afterward.  Her energy level is contagious and she told me she likes for people to get their moneys worth, and boy did I.” Karen


  1. Marielle Teasdale

    Hi Patsy, I would love to learn Plique à jour with you, I just adore your work. I have tried it with the copper backing method but there must be a better way! Do you give online classes? In a group or one on one?
    Thank you, have a wonderful day!

    • Patsy Croft

      Hi Marielle,
      I am about ready to take one on one students again with everyone vaccinated. Drop me a note at patsy@patsycroft.com if you are interested. Patsy

  2. Diana Barbor

    Ok Patsy This is Diana since September I found a class with Anita Selinger. I did learn a lot with her at lease I’m not afraid of the Kiln. She worked with Fine Silver and I that was interesting.. So What alloy do you teach? I would like to see if there is anything open after December. Please give me all imf, price. time per days and days. I still have a lot to practice on, so I am trying to start with the color chips.. on copper for now. Always open to start in any other alloy. also I have been doing Metalsmithing so I very familiar with soldering

    • Patsy Croft

      Hi Diana, sorry for the delay! Glad to hear you have made progress.
      I work with fine silver for all my cloisonne. It is more expensive than copper but the ease of use and brilliant color there is just no comparison! I will make a post and show you
      the difference.
      I will send you a note shortly. Patsy

      oh, I will not be teaching my 0ne-on-one till we are clear of the virus.

      • Patsy Croft

        Diana check out this color chart. “https://alohilanidesigns.com/color-plates-on-gold-foil-silver-foil-and-copper/”>

  3. Diana Barbor

    ok here I am again. I unwrap my kilt, but we are just staring at each other. Just order some enameling brush and kiln wash from you. I think I have all I need, just me plugging it in and pushing the start button. So how am I doing this with you Patsy ? are you starting some classes. I live in Southern California in the Sherman Oaks area. So if you know someone else in my area that is giving classes I would every much appreciate it..

    • Patsy Croft

      Hi Diana,
      I an so sorry for taking so long to answer you. Check out Merry-Lee’s classes online. Here is a link http://www.merryleerae.thinkific.com and she has a FB group you join and with each class you take you are invited to ask questions and watch others working also. I think you you will love it.
      If you need any further help contact me!

  4. Diana Barbot

    Hi there, I’v been wanting to start on my enamel discovery, I got a Kilm that is still unwrap, ( I found myself scare of it.. I even got some Thomas enamel powders ( still sitting there in the box. I have been looking for someone to start me off.. I found you in Pinterest and your work just reach out to me.. As I read and found out that you are also teaching My heart just skipped a beat… so let me know how do I start with you..Not sure dhow its done, but lets find out. Diana

    • Patsy Croft

      Hi Diana, hope you are doing well in this crazy time we are in. I have not been teaching one on one in person because of the covid. This is why I have listed artist I respect teaching online.

      Tell me where do you live? And we can plan a phone call this week and try to figure something out. In the meantime unpack your kiln, what brand and model did you buy? And unpack your enamels. Do you have containers, distilled water, trivets, fork, gloves, just a few thing you will need to get started. *) Let me know your background and why you chose to venture into enameling.
      Have a safe weekend! Patsy

  5. Karin Waters

    I recently spent 5 days of sheer bliss with Patsy. We worked one on one exploring plique a jour, fusing, depletion, and as an extra bonus, Patsy shared her tips for successful soldering. I’ve never had such a wonderful learning experience, for Patsy is incredibly generous with her knowledge and experience. I highly recommend scheduling one on one lessons with Patsy in her gorgeous home studio. The setting is unreal too! Thank you Patsy for an amazing experience, I will treasure the memories and the knowledge gained through our time together!

    • Patsy Croft

      Thank you for the kind words. You were an awesome student and it was fun for me also! *) Don’t forget if you have an questions contact me anytime.

      Looking forward to seeing your trajectory as you continue your creative journey, Patsy


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