When looking for cloisonne wire sizes I like to use Hauser Miller, but they are no longer in business. *(    Since they have closed I use David Fell Refinery for all my metal purchases.

I use 24k gold wire in my gold jewelry. The readily available cloisonne wire size is .005 x.040  the taller cloisonné wire as in this jewel. I enjoy the depth in color that can be achieved with deeper enamels.

Enamel Gold Jewelry

Sometimes when you are creating smaller jewels like earrings the .008. x .032 cloisonne wire sizes is shorter in height so I can keep the weight down by applying less layers of enamel.

The total thickness of these cloisonné enamel gold earrings is 1.5 mm. with a 24 ga fine silver disc in the center where is not much room for my cloisonné wires, yet I have them on both sides of the fine silver disc. The wires might be 1/8 of a mm here.

Pathos enamel Earrings


On the front of these earrings, the wires are thicker and a bit higher. It is nice to be able to customize these wires to your needs. To do this I keep on hand 26ga 24k gold round wire and draw it down to maybe 32 ga. round wire, then roll it out to create a very thin and short cloison wire as here on the back of these earrings.


When Andre 3000 from OutKast order the Mandrill Cloisonne Pendant, he wanted thicker cloisonne wire sizes in the jewel. Here I cut the wires from fine silver sheet to achieve the look he was after.

Happy enameling.